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Livi Call Center Features

OverView : What is Livi Call Center



A low-cost and highly-integrated Solution
A powerful business support platform
Tools for delicacy operation management
Livi Call Center allows organizations to leverage real-time and historical information to deliver seamless, context-sensitive customer care. It facilitates communication via voice and multimedia channels, so businesses can deliver service on their customers’ own terms. This software solution uses SIP along with standard SOA and Web-services interfaces to provide maximum flexibility. It helps organizations better anticipate customer needs and offers advanced functionality to
quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively satisfy those needs.

Technical Features :
Module Description
Protocols Supported SIP, IAX and Analog
IVR Building a complicated IVR tree
Trunks Skype, STC Lines, SIP Trunks
Recording Calls Incoming and Outgoing
Expanding Up to 2000 Employee
Working Screens Web-Based
Calls Distribution Random fair distribution with memory
Supervisor Capabilities Live monitoring screen, and listening to any call also a large number of reports
Home Employees You just need a DSL line there
Groups Specify groups for each department
Campaigns Creating and managing Campaigns
Reports Professional Reports ( Also you can Design your own Report )
Permissions Separated per department and employee
Log in and Log out As your working hours
Easy to use You don't need any former knowledge
Answering or Making Calls You can use multiple devices :
  1. VoIP phones or Analog phones
  2. Using PC's as extensions
  3. Smart phones : iPhone, Android
    Main Features:
  1. An advanced Systems with Automatic answer, and several ways to receive the voice dialing
  2. A Queue Management System with many features
  3. The possibility in distribute the calls among the employees and staff in several ways, including ( the sequence distribution, a fair random distribution, the distribution to the least call receivers... and so on )
  4. The possibility of adding an audio record or an automatic answer before answering the calls.
  5. The availability of -the recorded message- feature ( when the customer wait for the client to answer the phone )
  6. The availability of -the Employee Evaluation- feature after the completion of the call
  7. The possibility of adding the customer waiting time to answer his call, let's say 5 minutes, if the time is up, the call will transfer to the IVR, the manager ,or ask the customer to record a voice message
  8. The possibility of adding free technical support service through Skype. Call us to find out more about this great service
  9. The possibility of the international linking of Telecommunications (if the company has several branches internationally)
  10. The intelligent electronic system provides - the intelligent IVR - ( and so if the client has a participation number, he can request directly) similar to banks and other
  11. Record all incoming and outgoing calls, or one of them
  12. Live follow-up screens when making any call
  13. The possibility of entering the call at the same moment and listen to it by the manager of Call Center and listen to the call and interfere with the employee if necessary
  14. The possibility of dividing the received calls by departments
  15. Reports screens in large numbers - up to 100 report -
  16. The possibility of linking the system with CRM, where it can shows the customer's name when he calls
  17. The possibility of linking more than a call center system to each other, and distribute the received calls between them
  18. Our system supports secure calling through the Internet, and on this you can hire female Customer care employees and they can work from their homes by linking them to the Call Center
  19. Each employee must log in to the system with a password
  20. Linking all branches with one communication system
  21. The possibility of adding 64 land telephone line to 128
  22. The possibility of adding an infinite number of Extensions
  23. The possibility of making calls from laptops or computers
  24. The possibility of linking home phones or mobiles to the system
  25. The possibility of adding an infinite number of fax Extensions
  26. The possibility of registering the incoming and outgoing phone numbers
  27. Sending and Receiving fax from the computer
  28. Add Extensions to telephones and mobiles
  29. Full detailed call reports
  30. Using SIP or IAX technology and full support for PBX
  31. The possibility of connecting AVAYA and CISCO phones to the system
  32. The possibility of covering wireless phones to the system
  33. Support Video Call
  34. Support live meetings system
  35. Reduce the cost of making calls to 60%
Original Reports: Includes many features as Incoming and Outgoing Calls specifications with Caller ID:
  1. Outgoing Calls
  2. Incoming Calls
  3. Missed Calls
  4. Unanswered Calls
  5. No Answer
  6. Calls per Extension
  7. Call Length
  8. Dates Filtration
  9. One Click Printing Support
Live Reports: Which made just for supervisors and managers so he can monitor his calls live in the same moment and many other features such as :
  1. Who's online and who's not
  2. Number of customers waiting to get answered
  3. Busy Employees
  4. Listening to calls Live
  5. Interfere to any call or take it
  6. Transfer any call immediately
  7. The possibility of link it to a large screen to let the employees know if call enters the queue
Recording Calls: One of the most interesting features in Livi Call Center, also it has some specifications such as :
  1. Recording Every Incoming and outgoing Calls
  2. Searching with numbers
  3. Searching with Extension
  4. Dates Filtration
  5. MP3 and WAV support
  6. Each call length
  7. One click printing
Advanced Reports : Its the best Calls reports that ever made, it contains the little details that matters for each company, also you can design your own report and listen to calls directly through it, and print any report in PDF or Excel Format.

If you need more information about this great Reports, contact us from the details in the bottom

Customer Relationship Management CRM
What we offer:
We offer you a customer relationship management system under the name of Cloud CRM which you can add and follow up with your customers Online with ease.
Customer management system contains a lot of sections and serve all areas and that provide full support for the company's departments,,, in the table shown below we divided each section to let you know what are the benefit of having Sales Team, and how can you mange your business with this unique system :
We also have the following integrations
- Facebook & Twitter Integration
- PDF Integration including HTML Designs
- Integration with multi SMS providers
- Online Chat Integration
- Call Center Integration
- RSS Integration
- Comments System
- Fax Server Integration
- Built-in forums
- Service Contracts
- Buffet Management
- Boss Timer
- Reservation System
- Customer Portal
- Joomla! Integration
- WordPress Integration
- OpenCart Integration
- Magneto Integration
- Oracle databases Integration
- Professional Workflow system
- MailChimp Integration
- Iphone & Android Integration
- POS Integration ( Point Of Sales )
- Automated Report System
- Also we can Create any Module you have in your mind !
Sales Management
Leads Management
Clients & Contacts Management
Opportunities Management
Quotes & Invoice Management
HelpDesk & After Sales Services
Professional Tickets System
FAQ Management
Customer Portal
Online Chat
Marketing Management
Campaigns Management
Sending Bulk E-mails
E-mail Templates
Sending Bulk SMS
Inventory Management
Products Lists & Categories
Products Prices
Vendors Management
Purchase Orders
Sales Orders
Activities & Task Management
Calls - Meetings - To Do Lists
Tasks & Meetings Management
Shared Calendar
Tasks & Activities Reports
SMS & E-mail Notification
Notes & Comments Management
Integration with E-mail,etc
Outlook Integration
Office Integration
SMS Integration
Fax Integration
Websites Integration
Design your reports
Design your dashboards
Reports Folders
Excel or PDF Export
Call Center Management
Adding Agents
Caller ID Pop Up
Calls History
Can Make Calls Directly From CRM
Security Management
Users Accounts Management
Groups Management
Permissions Management
Sharing Management
eCommerce Management
Clients Synchronization
Products Synchronization
Invoices Synchronization
Directly Automation for Purchases
Fully Integrated with HelpDesk
Projects Management
A profile for Each Project
Project Tasks Management
Project Milestones Management
Warranties Management
Automated Notifications
Financial Department
Automated Calculating for Invoices
Expenses Calculations
Salaries Calculations
Projects Requirements Calculations
Vendors Calculations
IP Phones and Call Center Headsets
Livi Call Center mostly uses SIP protocols for making calls because it has proved it's features in echo cancellation and pure high quality voice, so in this case we have many different IP phones and Call Center Headsets, each one support SIP protocols, but there are some IP phones has more features than the others, such as: Immediate transfer for calls, Do not Disturb Button, Video Support and many other things.

Contact Center
Click on the picture to see it in the original size.
اضغط على الصورة لمشاهدتها بحجمها الطبيعيHere is a simple scenario shows the way our system works in handling incoming calls:

Caller: he dials the number and let’s assume 920000000
System: Hello, welcome to the Customer Care department, for English press 1 and for Arabic press 2.
Caller: pressed 1 for English
System: if you wish to communicate with the maintenance department please press 1, or 2 for sales and if you are looking for the nearest branch please press 4, for more information please press 5
Caller: pressed 1
System: Dear customer, we would like to inform you that this call is recorded to ensure quality of service
System: Dear customer, we would like to inform you that the customer service representatives are in service with other customers, and one of the employees will answer your call shortly
Employee: (in case this was a new customer) Hello, this is Ahmed how can I help you?
Employee: (in case this was an existing customer) Hello Mr.Ali this is ahmed how can I help you today?
Caller: I bought an air conditioner from your company and it is damaged
Employee: sir please give the invoice number or the product serial number
Caller: here it is 2122321232
Employee: ( at the same time ) Mr.Ali you bought the air conditioner in 2-1-2012 and your guarantee ends in two months, please give me your address ( if it was a new customer ) or for insuring your address is dist.X and street X ( if it was an existing customer )
Caller: Yes this is my address, when will your engineers arrive?
Employee: Mr.Ali you will receive a SMS in the name and number of the maintenance engineer and you will receive a number of 5 digits and we hope that you give it to him after he complete his job and he will also call you after two hours.
Caller: Ok thanks
Employee: have a great day and thank for dealing with us, and now I will refer you to the employees evaluation
System: Thank you, do you see that the employee has served you to the fullest? If yes please press 1, if not please press 2
Caller: 1
System: Thank you for your call
What did technically happen in scenario shown above?
Livi Call Center had registered the following Livi CRM had registered the following Reports
  • Caller number
  • Calling time
  • Call duration
  • Waiting duration
  • The requested department
  • Recording the call
  • Registering the evaluation
  • Registering the employee name
  • Calling time
  • Caller number
  • Registering the ticket number
  • Registering the engineer’s name
  • Registering details about the product
  • The employee’s name
  • Working hours
  • New or existing customer
  • Ticket closed in win or fail
  • Sending SMS
  • Sending e-mail for one or several people
  • A status will be under the ticket so the system can send reminders to related person
  • After closing the ticket, a short message will be sent to the customer says thank you for dealing with us, and an e-mail informs the mangers that the ticket has been closed

Actually you can generate an infinite number of reports whether on the call level or the system level, for example:

Let’s say that we want a report shows the calls flow in Sunday, includes incoming and outgoing calls for a given employee in a given time. And you can generate all kind of reports through a simple screen.

And the availability in sending this report as a PDF or EXCEL file, and you can let the system send the report automatically every 24 hours or as you prefer


If you don’t have the system or the employees to run the Call Center department,, we now
provide you with the best cloud call center and the employees to bring success to your
business ،،


Main Features Our Agents Extra Features
Cloud Call Center Service
You can use your extensions from anywhere by using your iphone or android mobile or computers

Providing Agents ( M or F )
We can provide you a full trained agents (Males or Females), also we provide you a supervisor to be link between you and the agents and to insure that everything is going as what you expected.

Customer Service
Increase your customers satisfaction by our well trained agents

E-mail Response
The 24-Call Center Email Response Solution manages your customers’ email and web-form inquiries to ensure appropriate responses to emails are provided quickly and with accuracy.

Direct Response
24-Call Center delivers 24×7×365 direct response support for your marketing campaign needs, including network and cable television, radio, newspapers, direct mailings and the Internet advertisements

Emergency Response
Critical and urgent calls require specific handling expertise for information to be delivered quickly and accurately, 24-Call Center agents empathize with your caller and take charge to resolve the problem in a professional way.

24 Hour Help Desk
24-Call Center’s 24 Hour Help Desk call center agents are always available to answer first-tier questions for your company, providing customers with help and attention during urgent technical issues

Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Answer calls professionally

  • Respond to customer inquiries

  • Research required information using available  resources

  • Handle and resolve customer complaints

  • Provide customers with product and service information

  • Data Entry

  • Process orders, forms and applications

  • Identify and escalate priority issues

  • Route calls to appropriate resource

  • Follow up customer calls where necessary

  • Complete call logs

  • Produce call reports

Education and Experience

  • Proficient in relevant computer applications
    knowledge of customer service principles and practices

  • Knowledge of call center telephony and technology

  • Six months or more experience in a call center environment

  • Customer service experience

  • Good data entry/keyboard skills

  • Knowledge of administration and clerical processes

  • Relevant product knowledge

Key Competencies
- verbal and written communication skills
- listening skills
- problem analysis
- problem solving
- customer service orientation
- organizational skills
- attention to detail
- initiative
- judgment
- adaptability
- team work
- stress tolerance
- resilience

Everything in one screen
You can generate more than 50 different reports, download and listen to every call and operate and monitor your calls live and much more

Integrated With Livi CRM
We can provide with a professional CRM fully integrated with our call center system, to manage your clients and leads in an easy way.

Ease of doing business with us

  • The guarantees we offer are valid   during the validation of the contract

  • In case the system stops one day we well provide you with a three days for free

  • You can break the contract in the first three weeks from the contract signing

  • We will activate your system after 5 working days from the contract signing date

  • We provide you with supervisor to help you in the first month

Order Taking
We have the capacity and capability to handle any call volume and any size of product catalog

Lead Gathering
You advertise to make sales and build brand awareness. When your advertisement works and someone calls your 800 number looking to purchase or for more information, why wouldn’t you ask for the caller’s contact information to learn more about your audience, and retrieve that lead?


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Our Customers. Below you can find some of our customers that we already installed the system for them, although we have installed more than 100 system in two years
  • Al-Baik Limited Food Company
  • LG
  • Honda
  • Al-Homrani
  • Al-Safwa Orchid Hotels
  • I am Johnson
  • Seder Co.
  • Ba Naja Co.
  • Logta eCommerce
  • E-Matajer eCommerce
  • Ramachka Beauty Center
  • Al-BaBtain Co.
  • Al-Qalzam Limited Sea Food Co.
  • Etaam
  • Al-Barakati Group
  • Baytoti Restaurants
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